The second journey to Ecuador and the jungle of Colombia from Healing Journeys.

Ceremonies of sacred plants (Yage-Ayahuasca, Yopo, Peyote, San Pedro, Mambe, Rape)
Place, where patient become healed and if continue the path, sometimes becomes teacher itself.

Thank you Father-Sun! It is great to be and live under your care, whether in the northern lands or at the equator. You give us everything, we just pay attention to you and see you as a spirit.
Solstice is an important time for humanity and the entire planet, mother earth. Right now we are building our future for the next ~6 months, until the summer solstice.
After 3 years, we begin unique project “Healing Journeys to South and North America” 

There is no good or bad way. There is a path with or without a heart. 
“The teachings of Don Juan”. (Carlos Castaneda).

Our hearts are open to help the planet. We are here to help people out of compassion, because before we ourselves needed some help, and we got it! Thank you earth, thank you sun. Big changes are coming. A new time is coming, a new planet, the new humanity.
The ancient, sacred and secret knowledge and teachings of the shamans and healers of South and North America, as well as Qigong (ancient China), have become open to all since the beginning of the 90s. According to the practice of the Mexican Toltecs Don Miguel Ruish, since 1993, the Sun began to send new energy frequencies on the planets. This is a new era.

02/04/2019 – 02/26/2019
Group size 10-12 people.


Taita Querubin Queta

Healer and shaman 105 years. Makes healing ceremonies yage about 80 years. In common people they call him a teacher of teachers. Despite his years, he travels a lot to help humanity. Collects over 150 patients in one ceremony.
He is the governor of the city of Ipiales (130,000 people).

Tomas Adriano Perez

Himself from Mexico. For many years working with Peyote medicine, which grows in the desert in the north. Also works with medicine from the jungle of Venezuela – Yopo. He has received last altar from elder Bolivar(past away in 120 years old) Thomas is the leader of Hamblecheya (an ancient ceremony of Vision Quest).

Geovanny Vasconez

A doctor and a medicine man with a lot of experience. He works with San Pedro cactus, an ancient Indian sweat ceremony (Temazcal). A masseur for about 15 years (Lomi Lomi), cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, reiki and many more.


Special thanks, to the leader of the Sun Dance (Lakota) Tonal Cuautli. For gathering very large, almost universal size teachers at their ceremonies. Thank you for opening and showing the door to which you we just have to enter.

Master Zhong Yuan Qigong. The dynasty of the keepers of the Shaolin monastery. Thank you for the teachings, for the opportunity to practice, listen to silence and be instructors of the school, sharing and teaching others.

Retreat of sacred medicine plant with the shamans and healers of South America in the Andes of Ecuador and the jungles of Colombia. 08.06-25.06.2019
7 ceremonies of ayahuasca(yage) + 2 ceremonies of San Pedro and Yopo.
Practice Zhong Yuan Qigong with a certified instructor.
Study or healing of many diseases.
Relaxing head and body.
Possible establishment of relationships with relatives and friends.
Beautiful time and unforgettable impressions.
All this is quite possible to acchieve . We start at the summer solstice with the power of sun.

Part one: Yage Jungle .
8.06 Meeting in Airport,rest in hotel of Quito.

9.06 Day in Quito,visiting interesting places.Night bus to the jungle.

10.06 Qigong practice,rest. Night Yage ceremony

11.06 Discuss of personal experience, Yage ceremony.

12.06 Qigong practice,walk to natural place,rest,discuss personal expirience.

13.06 Qigong practice, Yage ceremony at night

14.06 Discuss personal experience,walk to natural place,Yage ceremony at night.

15.06 Free time,discuss of experience

16.06 Yage ceremony at night,Qigong practice,hike to natural place

17.06 Free time . At night yage ceremony.

18.06 Day of rest before the last yage ceremony.

19.06 Walk to natural places. QiGong practice. Last yage ceremony.
First part includes:Ride from airport to Quito. Night in Hotel with brekafast. Visit hystorical city and volcano Pichincha .
Road Quito-Jungle-Quito by bus and car. Some meditation practice of QiGong with certificated instructor. Also plant bath,nettle therapy and hikes to natural places. Two jungle meals a day.
We will stay in private rooms ,couples stays together.
Travel in between ceremonial places.
Food outside ceremonial places is not included.
Cost 1500$

Part 2. Andean hikes and Solar Solctice.

20.06 Early morning we go to Otavalo town and stay there in hotel for few nights until 25.06. We are going to have some natural hikes,to volcano,waterfall,biggest art market in South America,natural hot springs. We will have as well some medicine ceremonies(Yopo,Half Moon with San Pedro or Medicine hike.)
25.06 End of Healing Journey Solctice.
Second part includes: Staying at beautiful hotel “Casa Sol” with breakfast. Visit natural places(Cuicocha Lagoon,Hot Springs,Waterfall park) and rides there and back to hotel. 2 medicine ceremonies.
Not included: Food in restorants.
Cost 450$
Both parts cost 1950$
17 days of beautiful journey ,9 medicine ceremonies.

During the whole journey group will guided by Stanislav. He lives in Ecuador for four years,knows local traditions. Has friends in diferent parts of Ecuador and Colombia. Speaks Spanish, English and Russian languages.He is as well certificated instructor of Zhong Yuan Qigong

Participators in both parts gets Lomi Lomi massage therapy for free. Massage gives Geovanny Vasconez is a medicine man,temazcalero, terapiest for about 15 years.

P.s can be some little changes in timetable.

 Your guide Stanislav Roba. Responsible for the group transportation during the journey ,also for any help during the shamanic ceremonies.
If needed, help to bring your stuff.
Service in reduce prices on the local markets.
Hotel organise.

Stanislav lives in Ecuador almost four years. Knows local customs and practices. He knows how to work, help and what rules to follow during ceremonies. He is an instructor Zhong Yuan Qigong (Ancient Chinese practice on self-healing and energy set QI)
He speaks Russian, Spanish and English.
He has friends in Ecuador and Colombia.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – To all my relations.
Dao, Karma and De.



We are family from Eastern Europe. My name is Stanislav and my wife is – Raimonda. We have 1,5 years old daughter. Her name is Maiana. We left to South America some years ago. We wanted to discover that part of the world, but main purpose was to discover and heal ourselves.

Before my plan was to be a professional football player. But I got serious diagnose, it lead to osteopathic problems. Doctors predicted me a wheelchair and never ending story with medicaments. And that lead to searching of non traditional healing methods. In South America We found some great healers, who helped us a lot. All those modern doctors can’t believe , that I am active on my legs and without any pills for many years.

After over 7 years of experiencing healings and ceremonies in South America we sense that is time to share ancient knowledge of healing and understanding this world with many others, who is seeking it. So beautiful to be alive and healthy. So beautiful to be accepted by the native people with such a knowledge.

As well after 5 years of practice I Recently become a Qigong instructor (5000 years old chinese system of self healing and qi-energy receiving).


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